Love your car, but not your car payment? If you financed your car with a rate or payment that’s higher than you like, consider refinancing your loan with Swee Seng Credit. Take advantage of changing interest rates, and lower your car payment even with less-than-perfect credit. Pay off your existing car loan and replace it with a more affordable loan and monthly payment.

You may even be able to skip a car payment! Applying for refinancing is simple, fast and free with Swee Seng Credit. You apply online and get a confirmation usually within a day. Once you’re approved, simply download and print your loan documents, sign and return them to Swee Seng Credit. Refinance today and save money for other, more important things!

why refinancing MAKES SENSE

  • Lower monthly payment sums
  • Better perks and benefits
  • Cash-back option to finance your other pursuits

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